Empty Space

Do you know how much empty space we are! Atoms on Atoms on Atoms on Atoms on Atoms on Atoms Stack to make us look like we’re solid. I want to see people for what they are and not get boggle down and mistaken by using this human vision that was forced on me. Intra […]

Incorporeal Beauty

Surrounded, engulfed really, by this sea of haggard spirits. We look like we crawled out of the River Styx We’re marching thru an endless astral expanse. From afar, we make a steady low murmur as a pack. Within the pack, the murmur is more of a rolling roar. Each members speak to themselves stuck in […]


I dint know we reeked when we rejoined the room. We sat there and they didn’t say a thing. An amorphous murky mass with misshapen arms reach from our bodies. I swear I didn’t know. The murky mass reaches out for an olfactory assault. I doesn’t become less potent in this living room, just more […]

Dropped Reason

She said she’s always bored during sex. Every massage I’ve given her every moan to crawl from her mouth every flexion of her back that is in my memory’s reach got examined and reorganized with this new information. I hold the memory in my hand. I thought I knew its shape and weight, but with […]