Ciara-Angela EngelhardtThis is the part you were trying to avoid. This is the part that you always kept tucked away, deep in the rifts of your mind whenever something new begins. The part you know eventually comes, but you’re normally prepared for. Most of the time, you know when it’s about to hit. So why… via […]


Test flipping thru $ in my wallet. Perfect start/stop precision. My control is the best I’ve had and with such little effort.   Floating wasn’t as responsive. I know I’m sleeping. I see thru touch and feel myself in the bed. I can play and not fear lucidity.   I remember reading a quote online […]

Empty Space

Do you know how much empty space we are! Atoms on Atoms on Atoms on Atoms on Atoms on Atoms Stack to make us look like we’re solid. I want to see people for what they are and not get boggle down and mistaken by using this human vision that was forced on me. Intra […]

Incorporeal Beauty

Surrounded, engulfed really, by this sea of haggard spirits. We look like we crawled out of the River Styx We’re marching thru an endless astral expanse. From afar, we make a steady low murmur as a pack. Within the pack, the murmur is more of a rolling roar. Each members speak to themselves stuck in […]