Lucid Dreams | danixkid

I will start with explaining my own lucid dreams. Usually, Im the viewer, as per usge for a dream, and I know Im in a dream. Most of the time Im just along for the ride. Certain actions and sensations I feel. Im not sure if I can feel it in “real life” because I have never seen any marks or scratches in the places they happen while Im dreaming. The feelings are distinct and I feel them with clarity. Sometimes I feel my physical body in the bed and the dreaming body at the same time. Ill feel like something is happening in non-dream life in parallel with my lucid dream life. Though this feeling tends to be less reliable.

It also gets interesting when someone is talking of a show is left on when I go to sleep. But I hear incorporating your surrounding into your dream is common. So back to the lucid dreaming, I usually don’t have much control over what is happening. I normally have to use much effort to make even small changes and even then its a bit of a compromise of what it want. Im not sure what the “effort” consists of: mental exertion, physical reaction (maybe muscular flexion in my non-dream life) or a mix of physical and mental. But any how, I do get some control and it does vary from night to night. Some dreams ill be willing something to happen for what seems like forever (prob just like a few seconds in non-dream life), and other dreams I can will something with modest effort and get a likable result.


Oh dreams, how you taught me. Well, till next time. Also, i got a poem for the time i had perfect control over the dream. Will post soon. via Lucid Dreams | danixkid.


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