Empty Space

Do you know how much empty space we are!

Atoms on Atoms on Atoms on Atoms on Atoms on Atoms

Stack to make us look like we’re solid.

I want to see people for what they are and not get boggle down

and mistaken by using this human vision that was forced on me.


I look at a body and I see the different parts in an exploded view.

The body oscillates and I see each fragment emitting small waves to a network of glowing pipelines. Secondary lines are in each limb which feed into a mainline down the center of the body.

The fragmented pieces shake to a crunch and break into specks.

Now I’m looking at a more accurate form of a body: specks and space.

The specks propagate vibrating waves and a living, animating force runs through the pipes.


The pipelines melodically wail out a frequency. The main pipeline is like a central antenna booming a frequency out into the empty space around it. Objects and other beings react to this frequency by adjusting their own, and in turn, the original frequency adjusts.

The frequency is a mix of the being’s natural vibration and the current emotional vibration.

Some frequencies are easy to pass on—like anger.

But some beings have strong affinities toward certain frequencies, which makes affecting their environment                        so much easier. The dog at home may have a natural affinity for joy, which very easily disrupts the stressed                        frequency you bring home to it.

See the individual frequencies and their interactions with others is everything.

That is it.

That is all there is.

The breath and the waves between the spaces is the real life to see. Don’t get tripped up with solidity.

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