Incorporeal Beauty


engulfed really,

by this sea of haggard spirits.

We look like we crawled out of the River Styx

We’re marching thru an endless astral expanse.

From afar, we make a steady low murmur as a pack.

Within the pack, the murmur is more of a rolling roar.

Each members speak to themselves

stuck in a dull, repeating reverie,

Tits Tits Tits   of what piece of beauty they are looking for.

Tall and Smart  Tall and Smart  Tall and Smart

Looking at their tired lips form those monotonous whispers is confusing.

There’s an energizing                                                                           FORWARD!

Booms down and crackles all around us.

The circumventing echo rings and quickens our pace.

The thunder stirs their reverie into an anxious search.

Seeing them in such a panic makes

the anxiety a gelatinous infection

ripping your confusion to

unaimed motivation.

A sense of urgency fills you.

To the left and over the shoulders of 5 figures in front of you,

Purple and Black strands of the astral expanse begin to swirl to a point

and expands with an almost silent sucking to a black opening for another wan spirit to

hurriedly shuffle out into the advancing pack.

You find yourself staring at this newcomer, thinking of how confusing that position must be

quirky with dimples

You hear it for the first time

quirky with dimples

You realize its your own vice

quirky with dimples

You question if you would ever care about these things if you hadn’t heard the others.


resonates around you

and another 3 spiralings, another 3 spectral beings join


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