I dint know we reeked when we rejoined the room. We sat there and they didn’t say a thing.

An amorphous murky mass with misshapen arms reach from our bodies.

I swear I didn’t know.

The murky mass reaches out for an olfactory assault.

I doesn’t become less potent in this living room, just more apparent and annoying.

Oooohh, and they said nothing—perhaps out of respect. Or they thought we knew we smelled and their comments would be empty whispers to a turn-back of inconsideration.

Well when a playful comment about our smell surface out of a friend, I was shocked, saddened.

I thought of someone comparing excessively sexy dressing in

the workplace to having a distracting perfume. Reasoning that if

you wouldn’t wear a scent that bothered other out of respect;

then likewise, you wouldn’t so deeply enthrall and distract

someone with your appearance out of respect.

Initially, I thought of my Women’s studies and how I would argue against such a statement. With the state I was in, finally the counter argument to my thought forms from the fertile loam.

The other side is not innately wrong and misguided opposition,

but a side trying so hard to explain to the other their beliefs and wants in a respectful way. Even using relatable similes to enforce their arguments

Both sides feeling they are right.


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