Aging and trying to become successful and worthy of being a person

but the primal urges among my peers is visible radiation to me now.

I see my friends looking grown up with their

organization’s Insignia on the right breast.

I do the same time to time

I see two acquaintances dressed for the part during a free lunch and speaker event. I sat next to all acquaintances and strangers.

While I gobble soup, I watched those two do a social dance.

They stood there giggling and looking joyfully at one another.

I reconstruct the scene with only them. Their bodies are transplanted from the room to a boundryless place.

As their bodies float in forever, flesh and marrow and veins and all become transparent. A misshapen oval of light calmly rests inside of each. That internal light has a purpose and preference. The light is the child of the divine.

The light dims and I see a horizontal chain encrusted with shards of destiny. The chain is the understood duty of propagation for a species. The connected misshapen ovals innately understand life’s own love for itself and each would gladly contribute.


Their bodies are in that room, as I’m surrounded by strangers while I sibble soup.


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