Productivity’s End

I don’t know.
And I’m a person that likes explaining and figuring out stuff or that’s the role I tell myself I embody

Networking, working out, meditation, trying to find someone to have a decent conversation with, writing poetry.

Decisions are overrated. I don’t want to deal with emotional wellbeing and predicting outcomes in distant futures, which are both frantically held together with self-delusion as the adhesive.

Return me to a consciousness where I just DO.

Let me be

The content pile of ashes you two-handily scoop into.
With a wide mouth, exhale thru me and let me fly.
Fill the spectral world for a brief instant and slowly
diffuse outward—letting small specks of me
carelessly float alongside other aimless particles.

As a sum of particles we create a new meaning. Maybe the innate pressure to fulfill the meaning won’t be so daunting in this form.


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