Law of Exposure: Time Tokens

The more you spend time with someone, the more familiar the person can become.

I don’t have a chance to even spend time
with you because you we’re
too tired—bout to eat out with a friend—just generally too busy
Stacking excuses show me the little interest you have in sharing tokens.

But I am not sure if I could
have changed ur mind
if we had exchanged them.

We loosen our grip on a couple of tokens and let the god between us dutifully devour them.
A token is a mix of our slivers, personal consciousnesses, and the physical space we use.
The god carves a unique experience out of each token and lets it slide down the spiritual spindle spouting out from our chests. It rolls down till it touches skin with a dull sounding ping.
It passes into and adds to our spiritual selves—changing us, possibly negatively, but something of change.

But I think all this token talk is excessive for you (or I’m too insecure to express this without feeling rejected)


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