The gap between texts from your Ex

U know she has her phone on her, right?
Come on Now
She answered almost immediately for a yes/no ? but now a ? about us hanging out comes, she’s m.i.a.

Maybe she’s talking to that other guy she told me about, fucking John.
She’s probably telling him how thirsty I am, but she’s doesn’t want to be mean
to you so she never tells you herself.
Probably Matthias, he’s a mutual friend. I can see them
showing each other texts of overly needy guys bothering them.
What if we made that list?

Fallen from the rank of being her main source of affection and understanding!
Calm down.
Now we still want her affection and time and attention but she doesn’t
want that from us.
Just when you say u miss me, once a week.
But outside of this small window of you longing for me, you continually
Resurface in the ocean on my unconscious regardless of how many times I try
To submerge it down with hollow weights of mental restraint to not think of you
imagining replacing you.


I want you to reply already.


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