Fragmented Faces

The faces of my ex-s each crack. Fragmented sections become a cloud that follows me.


Pieces of Amy’s cheek bones, the sympathetic curvature of Kelly’s eyebrows and/or Kelsey’s full-mouthed smile.


Pieces come from the cloud to nuzzle their jigsaw edges onto faces of strangers in crowds on my way class, at parties, anywhere I go.


The pieces attach to any face with similar features, at this point, I’m not sure if my mind purposely warps unfamiliar faces


Well regardless of the cause, I am continually reminded of these cloud-borne women.


Surrogate Amy is walking on the sidewalk on the far side of the commons

Doppelganger Kelly is sitting on the couch across the crowded room


I find myself reflectively staring at these familiarly featured female just to feel the layered warmth of reminiscence.


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