Tightrope Float

Tightrope Float



Who can I call, who can I call?

I press a random button on my phone to check for a text notification: None.

A speck of sadness hardens to a pinch of feeling unwanted.


I scroll thru my list of contacts, twice, looking for someone to fill my time. I can

only find entertainment as I tight rope on the line of communication.


So in person, I flutter from conversation to conversation, delightfully balancing on each line.

     New lines are fresh and thin, oh what a challenge!

        Older lines are broader and have a different type of thrill.


Cutting lines is a concept I might be too familiar with. As I get ready to get on each new line, I’m not sure if I’m going thru a mass search for one with the right bounce to it or if I’m just filling my well for affection with the string.


Maybe I need to be looking for something else.


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