Good thing that last compromise was not a deal-breaker

Good thing that last compromise was not a deal-breaker



My favorite part of my day was the little kiss u gave me on my shoulder that woke me up.

I miss you while I sit right next to you. You like for us enjoy each other by sitting in silence while the devices in our hands discharge a delicate blue glare to gnaw at our faces, blocking our view of each other. I grow suspicious about your care for me. If I could craft this moment, I would allow our arms to touch and let our flesh melt into another—touch our chests together and share the same breath, but we can just sit here

              if that is what you want.

Compromise   compromise   comrise   prize   rize

How much do I have to change to make us work, how much do I have to compromise in order to allow the relationship to breathe? Is this too much change, do you like it more like that, do I like it more like that?

It’s great when u show ur affection but I want to carry it around like a scarf; but I don’t expect it whenever I want it anymore. I remember when it was almost reversed: u whispered how much deeper your affection was toward me than I had for you, I gave the relationship a buffer to keep the affection from busting prematurely, I watched as I strangled the moments for me to care for you as they rose.

You told me you don’t like affection so I left you downstairs on the couch and went into my room.

I found a shapeless mass on my desk.  

I have to use it to get my need to touch and appreciate you out:

I kneed the mass. I slap the mass. I roll the mass. I sniffed it,                                                                                     listened to it, I took a lil piece off to see how it tasted.


When I was done it, looked and sounded like this poem.



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