Fall into sync

  Fall into sync



I came to dinner today hoping to

find friendship (I hope

I don’t ruin this for you) but I’m disappointed.

No one holds eye contact

for long at this table.


The people with me look down look, at the

space between my head and my neighbor’s, they let

their necks unhinge and swing so they don’t keep up the private

dialogue our eyes started.


The way s/he looks

   down and out

      down and out

         down and out

         reminds me of the waft of

         indifference strangers drag behind them as they

         walk past me on the sidewalk when their eyes are stapled to the cement.

         It’s the same reason strangers don’t sit next to each other

        when there’s an isolated seat on the bus.


I want to be deeply in touch with strangers.

    I want to kill the getting-to-know-you phase that’s plump

with       anxiety

reservation   complacence


Just to say <how was ur day> and not get a

nothing happened — fine—it was alright

would delight me.


For now I’ll just sit. I’ll just wait here till we fall into sync






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