Appreciation Deficiency

Appreciation Deficiency



When I talk to people and they are impressed with what I do,

Appreciation manifests in front of me as food.


I see the appreciation, I eat the salty and savory meaty soup as it spills over my hands

over to my elbows. I smear it around my lips to my chin, up my cheeks and across the bridge

Of my nose. I shove it into my nostrils and snort it deeper in. I sneeze it out and all the chunky bits and syrupy sauce is airborne.

It instantly vaporizes and floats around my head blocking my vision, engulf my thoughts and goal/ motivation. I inhale the sweet gas and know this is all I want.


So when I talk to people I want to steer attention to something I think people will like.


I don’t want to take up all the time and focus for a selfish need for fulfillment~~people wouldn’t like selfishness~~or so I hold back and feel guilty and feel like I’m boasting just fantasizing about that meat mixture.



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