Polynesian Density





Polynesian Density




I hope you don’t mind that I forgot how we met.

I do remember standing in front of you

last summer in your dorm room.



I dunk my head into my pool of memories and see the scene in two ways:


> Reseeing it directly thru my eyes at the time:                    >>Watching it now from another realm:

Just you being near me cultivated anxiety. I spoke               I look at ourselves from an arm’s length

as nervousness stokes my throat and moved as                  away. All the items in the room are fuzzy

nervousness makes my hands unsure. My fear of                archetypes but my focus is on us. Then

your rejection floats on the top of my thoughts till                 my peripheral sees swirling. My view

our faces meet then tether. I nestle into that dip of               is pulled to something brewing above

skin by your clavicle sipping the curvature out your             our heads. This bright, almost spherical

neck as your back points your body in agreement.              density was living.                                         



I could hear the spiritual underwire that held up all the material things around the room breathe.


The breath was strong

           each inhale made us and the items in the room cave inwardly

           each exhale cracked everything in the room


The inward tugs and cracking had musical synchronicity.

The density above us began breathing more sharply and

physical material flexed and crackled. Our bodies leave

the floor and everything in the room cracks with

a silent hiss.


we remained floating surrounded by the exposed underwire of our shared

spiritual reality as it shone so brilliantly I almost didn’t see our own

spiritual frame as it became exposed as the cracked pieces of our

bodies drift up into the density. I watched as the enormous entities that

are crammed  into our tiny bodies loosely unravel. A slice was taken from

each entity and sucked into the density. I could see that our spiritual selves

create the underwire that holds our physical world.


The density compressed and hardened and flowed away from its home above us to join the underwire.



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