Coming Back Testing!

As a returning Research Rookie, I have really enjoyed having the potential to be a resource to other researchers. The people in my small group may not come to me and ask questions often but I think having someone available is important. Last year, my small group leader made well known to me that I can call on him literally whenever. I try let my own group know this and I gleefully meet some of them outside of out small group meeting.

For my own research, I did not do much lab work the first semester but that has changed since I have gotten back. Now I am doing field sampling and lab testing. I have been allowed to test and sample independently and it has been quite wonderful. There has not been any exciting developments so far, but I will definitely  keep updating the blog with al the information that comes!



2 thoughts on “Coming Back Testing!

  1. Testing with Indexx Snap test kits. They are meant for milk testing to see if antibiotics are in milk but we are testing to see its ability to test in water. If it does, this research is going to get real important/interesting very quickly.

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