A kid named Nixon

These are the words of Joshua Nixon. I prefer to go by just the name ‘Nixon’ cause I personally like the name and I believe there are too many people withe name ‘Josh/Joshua’ out there in the world.

Well I was born in Chi-town,IL and moved out to the south suburbs, and now I’m rockin in it up in Dekalb. Go corn!!


4 thoughts on “A kid named Nixon

    • yeah i know right–theres way too much out there. i dont see how families and just stay surrounded by fields of it

      PS: i was trying to go for satirical with the “Go Corn” comment

  1. Hey Nixon, I just want to let you know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with Corn. Also, I think you need to practice your dodgeball throw. That way the next time, maybe you can actually get me out.

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