Ciara-Angela EngelhardtThis is the part you were trying to avoid. This is the part that you always kept tucked away, deep in the rifts of your mind whenever something new begins. The part you know eventually comes, but you’re normally prepared for. Most of the time, you know when it’s about to hit. So why…

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Happens but I don’t think people will believe

So I let my comp book hold onto it.

I lie in bed and the near-sleep paralysis plays with me again. Flaming haze develop in front of me. Floating flames in groups continuously moving in repeating similar movements.

I’m not too fond of seeing things I cannot explain. It confuses me and any reason I want can fill the puzzle cutout for the question why.

So I give up on getting direct answers but I want more. I want to be different and better so I’ll keep up what may be the cause of my phantom flames.


Test flipping thru $ in my wallet.

Perfect start/stop precision. My control is

the best I’ve had and with such little effort.


Floating wasn’t as responsive. I know I’m sleeping. I see thru touch and feel

myself in the bed.

I can play and not fear lucidity.


I remember reading a quote online talking about 99 percent of lucid dreamers

do it to have a sex dram. What a stupid thought, especially since I dream like this and can’t stop.

So why not have a sex dream right now.


I can feel my body in the room.

I know this is a dream and I can do as I please.

This girl of my manufactured dream was.. plainer than I

thought she would be.

Literally the girl of my dreams.

Even more magical and mysterious, the girl of my lucid dream

In which, I have the most control ever, and she has nothing

distinctive about her.

Still, we enthusiastically embrace with continuous and increasingly aggressive kisses.


Time loose itself as it does in dreams.

We meet intercourse with a pleasure heighted fervor. The pleaser and writhing is

Translated beyond the boundary of the dream and I feel it in physical reality.

Plunging deeper into the earthy sensuality, I become an auburn

pleasure-conducting gaseous mass.

Different notes of sensation confidently danced from me into the austral space.

My dreaming body dovetailed my sleeping body, dream acting in tandem with the physical.



I feel my hands relearn its body. I fear someone in my house seeing me.

Another gap–the most tragic.


Her mouth is a sweet whirlpool so softly wafting, floating, tugging me closer.

I pull away from her face to see how our pelvises connect. Pry my penis from its ethereal

home and awake in my bed.

I had been on such an adventure, reality felt like an odd place to be—possibly the wrong place.

I expect to return to splayed hands, sweat, and ruffled sheets.

My hands are exactly where I left them.

Body unmoved

It was all a dream.

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I will start with explaining my own lucid dreams. Usually, Im the viewer, as per usge for a dream, and I know Im in a dream. Most of the time Im just along for the ride. Certain actions and sensations I feel. Im not sure if I can feel it in “real life” because I have never seen any marks or scratches in the places they happen while Im dreaming. The feelings are distinct and I feel them with clarity. Sometimes I feel my physical body in the bed and the dreaming body at the same time. Ill feel like something is happening in non-dream life in parallel with my lucid dream life. Though this feeling tends to be less reliable.

It also gets interesting when someone is talking of a show is left on when I go to sleep. But I hear incorporating your surrounding into your dream is common. So back to the lucid dreaming, I usually don’t have much control over what is happening. I normally have to use much effort to make even small changes and even then its a bit of a compromise of what it want. Im not sure what the “effort” consists of: mental exertion, physical reaction (maybe muscular flexion in my non-dream life) or a mix of physical and mental. But any how, I do get some control and it does vary from night to night. Some dreams ill be willing something to happen for what seems like forever (prob just like a few seconds in non-dream life), and other dreams I can will something with modest effort and get a likable result.


Oh dreams, how you taught me. Well, till next time. Also, i got a poem for the time i had perfect control over the dream. Will post soon. via Lucid Dreams | danixkid.

Lucid Dreams

I want to learn more about lucid dreaming. I used to lucid dream A Lot and wanted help or guidance on it, but all the books and info I could find were not what I was experiencing. What I found seemed like purposely misguiding information since I definitely dreamt lucidly [or is lucidly dreamt–who knows]. So to connect to others that may have had the same experience, I’ll be talking about lucid dreaming and post some poems later on about it.

Also, I believe I had a taste of astral projection, but again, the garbage out there is hard to sift.

Empty Space

Do you know how much empty space we are!

Atoms on Atoms on Atoms on Atoms on Atoms on Atoms

Stack to make us look like we’re solid.

I want to see people for what they are and not get boggle down

and mistaken by using this human vision that was forced on me.


I look at a body and I see the different parts in an exploded view.

The body oscillates and I see each fragment emitting small waves to a network of glowing pipelines. Secondary lines are in each limb which feed into a mainline down the center of the body.

The fragmented pieces shake to a crunch and break into specks.

Now I’m looking at a more accurate form of a body: specks and space.

The specks propagate vibrating waves and a living, animating force runs through the pipes.


The pipelines melodically wail out a frequency. The main pipeline is like a central antenna booming a frequency out into the empty space around it. Objects and other beings react to this frequency by adjusting their own, and in turn, the original frequency adjusts.

The frequency is a mix of the being’s natural vibration and the current emotional vibration.

Some frequencies are easy to pass on—like anger.

But some beings have strong affinities toward certain frequencies, which makes affecting their environment                        so much easier. The dog at home may have a natural affinity for joy, which very easily disrupts the stressed                        frequency you bring home to it.

See the individual frequencies and their interactions with others is everything.

That is it.

That is all there is.

The breath and the waves between the spaces is the real life to see. Don’t get tripped up with solidity.

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Incorporeal Beauty


engulfed really,

by this sea of haggard spirits.

We look like we crawled out of the River Styx

We’re marching thru an endless astral expanse.

From afar, we make a steady low murmur as a pack.

Within the pack, the murmur is more of a rolling roar.

Each members speak to themselves

stuck in a dull, repeating reverie,

Tits Tits Tits   of what piece of beauty they are looking for.

Tall and Smart  Tall and Smart  Tall and Smart

Looking at their tired lips form those monotonous whispers is confusing.

There’s an energizing                                                                           FORWARD!

Booms down and crackles all around us.

The circumventing echo rings and quickens our pace.

The thunder stirs their reverie into an anxious search.

Seeing them in such a panic makes

the anxiety a gelatinous infection

ripping your confusion to

unaimed motivation.

A sense of urgency fills you.

To the left and over the shoulders of 5 figures in front of you,

Purple and Black strands of the astral expanse begin to swirl to a point

and expands with an almost silent sucking to a black opening for another wan spirit to

hurriedly shuffle out into the advancing pack.

You find yourself staring at this newcomer, thinking of how confusing that position must be

quirky with dimples

You hear it for the first time

quirky with dimples

You realize its your own vice

quirky with dimples

You question if you would ever care about these things if you hadn’t heard the others.


resonates around you

and another 3 spiralings, another 3 spectral beings join